🎉The 4th Joint Awards Ceremony🎉

🔥Uniwill rises in sky.carry all before it🔥
⭐Only Uniwill can surpass Uniwill⭐
❖The Uniwill “top elites” of the national intelligence gathering gathered at the Weige International Convention Center in Taichung to receive everyone’s applause and blessings.
❖Nearly 4,000 people participated in the event, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger every year.
❖VIPs gathered, and the chairman, general manager and senior officials of many insurance (property) insurance companies came to the scene to participate in the grand event.
❖The live performances and hosts were all jointly prepared by the “Uniwill top elites”, and they used Japanese animation suites to choreograph wonderful dances one after another, adding the energetic soul of “Uniwill Extraordinary” to the entire performance.
❖A major invitation to the most anticipated band in 2023, the new generation band – Accusefive, will bring the atmosphere to the highest point!!
「Uniwill Spirit.They’re on a roll」「Uniwill era.carry all before it」