Uniwill Insurance Broker is a supporter of young people❤️

▁ Don’t forget your original goal,Not afraid of collision,until the dream comes true ▁
「Give young people a stage to realize their dreams」
This is one of the original intentions of the founding of Uniwill Insurance Broker.
This original intention is not only implemented by colleagues in the insurance business of Uniwill,
It has also been extended to social welfare activities!
In the past four years, Uniwill Insurance Broker has sponsored many sports activities for young students.
This year, I got to know a group of girls who love basketball at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium —
🏀Chung-Ming Senior High School women’s basketball team🏀
🏀The only women’s first-division team in Taichung🏀
Uniwill Insurance Broker Agency is one of the companies that started in Taichung,I also hope that I can do my best to give back to the young students in the area.
This year,We sponsor scholarships and new jerseys,The chairman’s wife even went to the stadium in person to give encouragement.,I hope that the Chungmyung women’s basketball players will work hard to shine their own light.
In the future, I will be able to realize my dream of becoming a professional basketball player.We wish them the best of luck in this year’s HBL tournament!!!