Congratulations🎉Uniwill Insurance Broker Taipei 1 location opened

Uniwill The opening ceremony of a location in Taipei today,Chairman Wang Yiren, CEO Lin Jianyu and vice presidents from all over Taiwan gathered to congratulate。
And thank you to the executives and representatives of major insurance companies for attending the ceremony.~
Taipei No. 1 is the youngest vice president of Uniwill——Led by Vice President Wu Junyan,
The original business office is in Tamsui, New Taipei.
In just four years, Uniwill quenched the chain.
Performance and manpower continue to grow.
Then moved the office to downtown Taipei💪Provide colleagues in the unit with a broader market!
Uniwill Insurance Broker provides supervisors with strong backing resources,Assist the vice president of the sales office to realize his wish to provide colleagues with a better and more competitive office environment.
I also wish Taipei No. 1 will polish its sign again.
Excellent performance and human resources, dominating the northern half of the world.👍