🔥112 Second half of the year senior management planning meeting🔥

Start sprinting in the second half of the year!!
Prepare to expand into new markets in 2024!!
#Uniwill More than 400 senior executives from across the country gathered at the “Hsinchu Yanbo Hotel”. Chairman Wang Yiren and CEO Lin Jianyu personally arranged a two-day and one-night intensive course. Elite lecturers from Zhihui were invited to share practical experience to achieve common good and common prosperity. environment atmosphere.
In order to enable every colleague to learn in a high-quality environment。

#Uniwill Chairman Wang Yiren encourages colleagues:
☆★As long as your attitude, posture, and rhythm remain unchanged,
you will be successful in the past, and you will be successful in the future.☆★
I believe that Uniwill will give birth to more new strong people, let us witness success together😍